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he key to a successful event is an organized guest list that streamlines all your information – including addresses, RSVPs, and
gifts received - in one convenient document. Please download our Ellen Weldon Design, LLC Guest List Excel spreadsheet to help you get started. Developed from Ellen’s years of experience guiding clients through the addressing process, our guest list will help you keep track of all the essential guest details for your special event.

There have been great social changes in addressing etiquette over the last 10 years. Many of the old rules do not reflect current public preference. Our guidelines are based on tradition with a modern slant. For example, we recommend that “and” be used on formal and informal addressing where the couple share a last name. If they do not share a last name, we recommend stacking the names, woman first. Same sex couples are identical to male/female couples. Please refer to our addressing etiquette guidelines for examples regarding specific types of guests.
Guest List
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